A second life for worn tyres

The figures are as impressive as they are challenging: in Germany alone, around 650,000 tonnes of used tyres are produced each year that have to be recycled in some form. More than half of this is burned in the cement industry as substitute fuel. But before that, the used tyres have to be dismantled and the valuable fuel rubber separated from the other components steel and textile.

Our recycling machines process all end-of-life car and HGV tyres up to light construction machinery tyres without the need for any rough machining. The AG Granulators and CM Granulators shred the tyres into uniform fractions in the specified grain fractions. The granulate obtained can then be reused, for example for the production of whispering asphalt in road construction, as an admixture for the production of paving stones or as a substitute fuel, e.g. in the cement industry or in power plants instead of fossil fuels.

The specialists for used tyres

AG Granulator

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The specialists for used tyres

The powerhouse among rotary shears

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